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Yerevan, 15 April 2021 – Today an event on presentation of “Climate Box Toolkit” was organized in Yerevan in the scope of UNDP “Climate Change Education and Awareness Project - Climate Box” project, funded by the Russian Federation and co-funded by UNDP. During the event the main outcomes and educational materials developed in the scope of the project and localized for the Armenian context, were presented to the participants.

Launched in July 2017, the project aimed to educate and raise awareness on climate change impacts and drivers among youth and general public through application of the innovative interactive learning toolkit on climate change – the Climate Box.

Mihaela Stojkoska, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Armenia, Zhanna Andreasyan, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Dmitry Ryakhovsky, Head of the Foreign Policy Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Armenia, Edgar Arakelyan, Press Secretary of the Minister of Environment, Natalia Olofinskaya and Julia Dobrolyubova from UNDP Regional Office, welcomed the participants  and emphasized the importance of addressing climate change through education and awareness raising, especially among youth, as they are the future builders of a healthier and more sustainable world for all of us.  

“The environmental education and particularly youth awareness and engagement in climate change related advocacy is essential for sustainable development  in Armenia. The Climate Box project successfully contributed to the broader scope of UNDP’s activities aimed at climate smart and resilient development in Armenia,” said Mihaela Stojkoska, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Armenia in her opening remarks. She also focused on the main results of the project, emphasizing the engagement of students through innovative learning materials and interactive tools, training of more than 300 public school teachers and methodologists on delivery of Climate Box at schools, as well as its piloting in schools with active participation of more than 15,000 middle and high school students in climate change related initiatives.

Armine Poghosyan, “Climate Box” Project Coordinator in Armenia, informed on the objectives and achievements of the Climate Box Project, localization of Climate Box toolkit and its adjustment to the Armenian context with the support of field-experts, and its successful piloting in the schools of Armenia through a range of educational materials, including games and quizzes, posters, guidelines and manuals for teachers.

The Climate Box toolkit was linked with national curricula and incorporated in respective subjects of general educational program, with the production and distribution of 1000 copies of Climate Box Toolkit  in the schools.

During the event, successful practices of the trained teachers and “Climate Ambassador” students’ messages and achievements from exercising the Climate Box were shared with the participants.

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