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Integrated Rural Tourism Development project offers an intervention strategy for the development of rural tourism in Armenia with the objective of creating sustainable income-generating opportunities as supplemental income source to bring down the level of rural poverty, contribute to equal territorial development and shape conducive environment for rural development.

The concept applies integrated approach targeting strong local social networks that explicitly link local actors for the purpose of jointly promoting and maintaining the economic, social, cultural, natural, and human resources of the localities.

The project seeks to build synergistic benefits for the various stakeholders on the local level by engaging the local human resources in value creation to combat social exclusion, retain maximum benefits in a locality by using and adding value to its resources and focusing on the requirements, capacities, and values of its people, and ensure sustainable development considering environmental protection.

Project Components

The project has three main components:

1.Planning of sustainable integrated rural tourism- The tourism assets of the community will be identified, assessed and prioritized for the further development by preliminary expert assessment and participatory planning mechanism, which will outline the vision and strategy for the rural tourism development in the community through wide consultation and participation of the local stakeholders.

2.Increase income level through diversification of tourism products and services in the community- Developing human resources through sector-specific trainings (business management, food processing, sales, marketing, training local guides, etc.) will help to address the knowledge gaps and prepare the local communities to effectively manage the tourism enterprises. Meanwhile all the actors integrated in both production, service provision and management will be trained in sustainable utilization of tourism assets and adoption of mechanisms to bring down the environmental impact of their activities. In addition, the project will facilitate the access of the local tourism enterprises to seed financing through the loan mechanism of SME DNC.

3.Sustainable Destination Management- Establishing institutions to engage the local stakeholders and authorities into management and development of the community as a tourism destination. Meanwhile UNDP will build synergies between its upcoming projects planning to use big data and establish an up to date information center in Yerevan to promote the new tourism destinations. In addition, the project will help the new destinations to market the tourism services through ICT tools.

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Inventory Methodology

To ensure that the identification, assessment and prioritization of tourism assets of the villages envisioned in Component 1 is conducted with maximum efficiency and minimum bias, it was decided to automate the process to the extent possible, by developing an assessment system for scoring, comparison and filtering of villages, as well as for extracting long and short lists of villages matching any predefined criteria.

This document presents the preliminary design of the assessment system piloted in two marzes of Armenia. It is planned to revise and finalize the methodology based on the pilot phase analysis and lessons learnt. The assessment covers all villages of the Republic of Armenia and implies three main steps: a) data collection, b) village scoring, c) village score and information consolidation into a Master Matrix for automated comparison, filtering and shortlisting.

Tourism Resources Assessment Methodology (ARM)

Principles for Target Village  Selection (ARM)

Annex 3. Sample Scoring Spreadsheet

Annex 4. Master Matrix_eng

Presentation for Ecotourism Conference in AUA


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“Bridge” is voluntary partnership framework of private companies who came together and committed to support and advance the sustainable rural tourism development in Armenia through multi-stakeholder engagement and collective actions....

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