Democratic Governance

  • UNDP assistance is focused on supporting the establishment of the Youth Studies Center and promoting evidence-based approach to research, policy formulation and implementation.

  • Since its independence in 1991, Armenia has ratified over 50 Conventions and other international legal instruments reaffirming its commitment, among others, to equality between women and men, including equal representation of women in decision-making processes. Policy changes, however, are slow to translate into the day-to-day experiences of most Armenian citizens. Consequently, the level of women’s representation and meaningful participation in governance and decision-making continues to be low.

  • The European Union Advisory Group will assist Armenian authorities in the preparation to negotiate, conclude and implement the Association Agreement, including the free trade agreement.

  • UNDP supports in introducing the European standards of Integrated Border Management at the Bavra-Ninotsminda Border Crossing Point on the Armenia-Georgia border with the ultimate goal to facilitate trade and transit and enhance the movement of people across the border.

  • UNDP’s role as an implementing partner is to assist the Government of Armenia in modernisation of Bagratashen, Bavra and Gogavan border crossing points (BCPs) of Armenia for aligning them to the IBM international standards aimed at the facilitation of the movement of people and goods across the border.

  • UNDP’s innovation programmes are conducted through the Kolba Innovation Lab: an outward-facing platform that acts as a network to facilitate the connection of ideas, groups and initiatives. Through Kolba Lab, UNDP offers a platform for citizens and innovators to involve themselves in the development process, defining the problem they want to solve, and providing the space to incubate their idea, project, or social start-up. Kolba Lab has generated citizen-led projects in local governance, human rights, and the green economy.

  • The overarching goal of the Project is to contribute to the progressive fulfilment of the rights of persons with disabilities so that they receive services and support in accordance with their needs and have increased participation in social and economic life.

  • “#Inno4Dev: Innovation for development” is the initiative of UNDP in Armenia and is funded by the European Union. The project will be implemented by Kolba Innovations Lab in 2015-2018. This EU-UNDP partnership will create more opportunities and mechanisms for citizen engagement and introduce tools and systems for more effective and open governance.

  • The UNDP designed the “Support to the Electoral Process in Armenia (SEPA)” project in response to the Government of Armenia request for technical assistance for the implementation of the newly introduced electronic voter authentication process at the polling stations in Armenia. The 15-month project will deliver effective assistance to support the Armenian stakeholders in improving the electoral process in line with the government’s commitment to organize credible and inclusive elections.

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