Environment and

Zangezur sactuary, photo by Karen Jenderedjian

Ecosystem resilience

UNDP is assisting the Government of Armenia through mainstreaming of efficient management practices into resource intensive sectors at national and local levels, by enhancing the policy, regulatory and institutional framework to modernize environmental governance, strengthening capacities in introducing  innovative ecosystem rehabilitation and integrated natural resource management practices to secure continued flow of multiple ecosystem services, by protecting the environment and reducing the risk to human health through sound management of waste, hazardous chemicals and contaminated sites. Promotion of environmental education, development of knowledge products and tools for evidence-based decision-making, as well as application of innovative and unconventional solutions in environmental protection are of crucial importance. 


LED street lighting in Mashtots Avenue, Yerevan

Energy and climate change

UNDP is assisting the Government in promoting the “sustainable energy for all’ principles and low carbon development. Addressing energy efficiency and climate change mitigation by creating favorable environment and a scalable business model for introduction of efficient municipal lighting, investment in energy efficiency retrofit of public and residential buildings through combination of policy and financial de-risking instruments and provision of targeted financial incentives is a priority. UNDP assists the Government in adaptation planning and accessing global climate funding for community-based adaptation measures and expansion of renewables. Through enabling national capacities in reporting under UN Climate Change Convention, UNDP provides assistance aimed at improving information transparency for tracking progress towards implementation of nationally determined contributions under Paris Agreement.

Operations Center, RA Ministry of Emergency Situations

Disaster Risk Management

UNDP is assisting the Government in the implementation of an integrated hazard management approach to improve resilience of communities and livelihoods through enhancing national and local capacities in disaster risk management, institutional collaboration, hazard identification and early warning system for risk informed decision making. Enhancement of the culture of resilience and risk-informed development is ensured through support in development implementation of a disaster-risk reduction strategic framework and Sendai Framework for DRR , decentralization of DRM framework, as well as mainstreaming disaster and climate-risk management principles into the national and local development agenda. Setup of Crisis Management Centers and 911 Emergency call service along with employment programme for people with disabilities are notable.  

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