A Passive Solar Greenhouse in Shirak Region

Jul 1, 2016

On 1 July 2016 UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia Bradley Busetto and Ambassador of Romania to Armenia Sorin Vasile signed an agreement to implement the “Alternative Growing: Piloting Passive Solar Greenhouse Project in Shirak Region of Armenia” project to be implemented in Shirak region of Armenia. The Government of Romania contributed USD 60,000 for the implementation of the project.

Building passive solar greenhouse (PSG) in one of the communities of Shirak region will demonstrate the advantages of alternative (non-conventional) technologies for year-round fresh crop cultivation, thus ensuring carbon neutral operation through special architectural design of the greenhouse, and contributing to the reduction of climate risks in vulnerable communities. Through the pilot implementation, the model will also be studied from the perspective of its easy operation by female and male beneficiaries, for its further gender responsive replication. The project will be based on the principles of the new Law on Cooperatives adopted by the National Assembly of Armenia in 2015.

The PSG has been piloted by UNDP in Armenia in 2015 in Horbategh community of Vayots Dzor region within the BCPR-UNDP “Climate Risk Management” project.

Taking into consideration the decision of the Government of Armenia to boost the greenhouse industry in rural areas, PSG development can be the solution for high mountainous and sunny regions of Armenia. PSG may potentially become a new greenhouse model that will enable the greenhouse industry to flourish in mountainous regions, and increase the food security of the country, while ensuring low operational costs in the long-run.

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