The future starts with you

Apr 8, 2014

Learning authority (Source: Edgeryders)

Many of the solutions to the challenges facing Armenia already exist.  But these solutions are yet to become mainstream.  Over the coming three months, UNDP is looking for social innovators and their projects with a view to helping them scale up.  Help us to spot the future.

Last year, the UN in Armenia conduced a broad consultation process on the development agenda to follow the Millennium Development Goals.  You told us about your priorities for society, the economy and the environment, among others.

The global conversation on the new development agenda is on-going.  But we believe that many of the solutions to our challenges already exist, we need only to find them and scale them up.

This is where we need your help once again.  Through our social innovations incubator, Kolba, and with the help of Edgeryders, a few activists have repackaged the recommendations from the consultations into a series of campaigns…

Tell us your story about…

·         Caring for our commons

·         Making a living

·         People power

Kolba will help you to develop the best ideas or scale up the best projects.  So why wait – the future starts with you!

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