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UNDP Focuses on Sustainable Livelihood for the Socially Vulnerable

Geghamasar and Pambak communities are located on the southeastern shore of the Lake Sevan and are bordering with Azerbaijan. Until 1988 Geghamasar was fully inhabited by Azeris but, as a result of a home exchange scheme implemented in November 1988, Armenians from the Lernayin Jagir village of the Smore


A Public-Private Partnership in Waste Management Sector

Environmental degradation poses serious challenges to sustainable development in any country and Armenia is not exclusion. Environmental pollution associated with plastic waste in Armenia is currently estimated at 5,000-6,000 tons annually, and continues to grow. Prior to 2011 less than 15 percent omore


“Rio+20 - New Development Paradigm” - will Armenia take the new path

Background Since the 1992 Rio Sustainable Development (SD) Summit, the world has significantly benefitted from progress in economic growth and institutional development. In the meantime, the economies of many countries have also grown at the expense of sustainability: high level of human developmenmore

Performance Budgeting in Local Self-Government System in the Republic of Armenia, Manual

The following manual has been designed in the context of developing the system of local self-governance to support the processes of budgeting, strategic planning in the field.