Our Partners

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Why partner with UNDP

UNDP has a proven track record in promoting socio-economic transformation and accelerating human development through reinforcing state capacity and forging the establishment of capable and resilient public institutions and functional democracies.

UNDP works in an open, impartial and transparent manner with its partners, both in government and non-government sector, in line with the internationally recognized UN norms, values, standards and good practices.

UNDP provides targeted, rapid and flexible response to emerging and long-lasting development challenges, such as the impact of the global financial and economic crisis on the most vulnerable layers of the society, capacity deficiency of public institutions, systemic corruption and regional disparities, climate change, etc.

UNDP is present at national, regional and local levels – making us a partner of choice to support the long-term nature of national development agenda.

UNDP involves non-state national partners which brings legitimacy and sustainability to initiatives.

UNDP supports public-private partnerships to build strong economies and democratic societies where people-centered development is a shared responsibility of all actors.

UNDP Partners in Armenia

The European Union remains the key strategic partner and this partnership is maintained and expanded within the framework of the European Union Advisory Group and the Women in Local Democracy projects.

UNDP is expected to sign new EU funded projects in 2013 under the IBM Flagship Initiative (Bagratashen-Sadakhlo) and in the environmental arena with a Clima East pilot project on ecosystem-based approaches to climate change. UNDP will also seek EU funding to support core institutions in Armenia under the EU Comprehensive Institution Building framework.

The new partnership with the international financial institutions, such as the EBRD and EIB, is forged within the Integrated Border Management Programme.

In addition to the partnership with USAID through the Global Compact project, UNDP will further target partnership with private sector and civil society organizations. Links to the Diaspora will be extended, including building on the appointment in 2013 of a prominent Argentinean-Armenian businessman as a national Goodwill Ambassador.

East-East cooperation

UNDP Armenia will continue to facilitate knowledge generation and sharing among countries of Europe and the CIS through the promotion of our innovative tools such as the Social Innovation Camp methodology. Support will be provided in the disaster risk reduction (DRR) sector to support the Ministry of Emergency Situations to extend cooperation with Montenegro, Macedonia, the Kyrgyz Republic and Moldova. UNDP will continue to be an associate partner in support of the disaster prevention, preparedness and response project to advance EU standards (PPRD East) with Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belarus.

The established GEF Small Grants Programme will continue to mentor and work closely with the UNDP Georgia as they establish their GEF SGP mechanism.

In the field of Integrated Border Management, East-East cooperation continues between Armenia and Georgia, and the Baltic States- in particular Latvia.