Preparation of Armenia’s Third National Communication to the UNFCCC

What we do

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This nationally executed project aims to respond to the objectives of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in accordance with Armenia’s commitments as a Party to the Convention. It will enable Armenia to present the updated information on Convention implementation in a consistent, transparent and comparable manner.

UNDP activities are aimed at:

  • Enabling Armenia to prepare and submit its Third National Communication (TNC) to the UNFCCC in accordance with its commitments;
  • Strengthening technical and institutional capacities to facilitate the process of feeding climate change issues into national development policies and strategies;
  • Helping to identify and develop projects related to adaptation to climate change and abatement of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Enhancing general awareness and knowledge on climate change related issues in Armenia, and strengthening the dialogue, information exchange, awareness and cooperation among all relevant stakeholders, including government, NGOs, academia and private sector;
  • Guiding the development of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA) to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, as well as developing an adaptation strategy and National Adaptation Programme (NAP).

Some results so far

The national greenhouse gases inventory report is developed. For the first time the F gases sector were included in the national GHG Inventory. The data is uploaded in the software provided by the UNFCCC Secretariat.

The energy sector gaps of Armenia were assessed under UN Sustainable Energy For All (SEFA) Initiative and submitted to UNDP Administrator by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stating Armenia’s commitment to join the SEFA in Rio+20 Summit.

The relevant chapters of TNC are developed and presented to national stakeholders.

Assistance provided to Kyoto Protocol implementation, the Armenian electrical grid emission factor are calculated for 2011, 2012 published and submitted to the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, as well as to the relevant stakeholders and partners.  

Support is provided to the establishment of Interagency Coordinating Council on implementation of requirements and provisions of the UNFCCC.

“ABC Climate Change Textbook” was translated, amended and published. Awareness raising events, including the “Forest and Climate Change” Contest organized jointly with ATP NGO, were conducted for 300 schoolchildren from 16 schools of Armenia. 

Project bi-lingual web-page under Climate Change Program is established and regularly updated.

Who Finances it?


$ 480,000.00

Government of Armenia (in-kind)

$ 70,000.00

UNDP (in-kind)

$ 20,000.00

Delivery in previous fiscal year

31 December 2011

$ 3,379.00

31 December 2012

$ 97,192.00

31 December 2013


Project start date:
December 2011
Estimated end date:
December 2014
Geographic coverage:
Focus area:
Environment & Energy
MDG 7 - Ensuring environmental sustainability
Project Coordinator:
Diana Harutyunyan
RA Ministry of Nature Protection
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