Lake Sevan Coastal Zone Cleaning

What we do

 Lake Sevan

The Government of Armenia continues to take a number of measures to preserve ecosystems of Lake Sevan and its water collection pond, restore ecological balance of the lake and ensure proper and balanced development of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources.

Although a number of measures were implemented for the restoration of water ecosystem and biodiversity, an increase of water has negatively impacted surrounding forest areas – around 4000 hectares were swamped by upraising water level.

Taking into account capacities and experience of UNDP in executing infrastructure projects, and considering possible co-funding modalities to cover gap in national funding to fulfill the task, the Government of Armenia has requested UNDP’s support in implementing Lake Sevan Coastal Zone cleaning activities in 2012-2013.   

To ensure that Lake Sevan ecosystem is protected and rehabilitated, UNDP supports the Government of Armenia in:

  • Cleaning of lake’s covered 170 hectares forest and surrounding swamp areas in four branches of Lake Sevan National Park (Martuni, Noratus, Vardenis and Vardenik) to prevent further eutrophication processes and ensure relevant quality of the water in the lake.      

Some results so far

34 hectares of forest and swamp areas were cleaned so far. 

Who Finances it?

Government of Armenia

$ 301,297.00


$ 60,259.00

Delivery in previous fiscal year

December 31,2012

41,814.00 USD

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