Catalyzing Financial Sustainability of Armenia’s Protected Areas System

What we do

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Armenia is a developing country where protected area (PA) management is viewed as a fundamental government function. The basic PA legislation is in place, but funds are scarce. The main part of the project is the co-financing of the emerging Caucasus Protected Area Fund (CPAF), currently the Caucasus Nature Fund. The philosophy underpinning the CPAF is that the best way to support the PA system and the bio-diversity it supports is to strengthen the government in its park protection and management functions.

UNDP's efforts are aimed at:

  • Securing long-term financial sustainability of the Armenian PA system through ensuring sufficiency and predictability of revenue sources for the PA system, and raising cost-effectiveness and capacities of PAs.
  • Helping to protect part of WWF’s “Global 200” and Conservation International’s “Caucasus Hotspot” at an area of 137,000 hectares.

Some results so far

At least seven protected areas permanently receive additional financial resources to cover gap in operational budget (Khosrov, Shikahogh and Erebuni state reserves, Dilijan, Arevik and Lake Arpi national parks, Zangezur sanctuary).

CNF has continued its development activities and has been successful in securing additional funds and donations from commercial units (ProCredit Bank, HSBC, etc.), private individuals and donor organizations. 

Who Finances it?

Global Environmental Facility/UNDP

$ 990,000.00

Delivery in previous fiscal year

December 2011

$ 831,980.00

December 2012

$ 21,000.00

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