Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Mountain Forest Ecosystems of Armenia

What we do

 Minimizing the risks of wildfires in mountain forest ecosystems

Armenia’s forest ecosystems have been identified as a global conservation priority. It has been listed by WWF as a Global 200 Ecoregion, and by Conservation International as a biodiversity hotspot.

The high level of biodiversity is one of the most important features of the Syunik region in south-eastern Armenia. This region, however, has also been identified as a critically vulnerable region of the country, especially in terms of the risk posed by climate change to its unique mountain forest ecosystems. Forests in Armenia have suffered from severe deforestation, degradation during the recent decades due to the socio-economic situation in the country.

UNDP is supporting national partners through:

  • Implementing of selected adaptation measures to enhance the resilience of mountain forest ecosystems to climate change impacts;
  • Integrating of climate change risks into forest management planning;
  • Strengthening the adaptive management capacities of local forest managers;
  • Increasing the public awareness on vulnerability of mountain forest ecosystems to climate change.

Some results so far

Reforested 56.8 hectares in four pilot sites to rejoin the fragmented forest areas and improve integrity and connectivity of forest ecosystem to be resilient to climate change through establishment of mixed stand and post-disturbance recovery.

Donated forest fire equipment to “Kapan” and “Syunik” forest enterprises and “Arevik” National Park to strengthen forest fires early response capacities.

A law “On Protection of Atmospheric Air” was revised and adopted by the National Assembly that bans the burning of agricultural and plant residues in forests and agricultural lands.

Establishment of a National Task Force on Wildfire Management was supported and a draft National Programme to Improve Wildfire Management was developed.

Educational posters were distributed to communities and educational institutions to prevent people from burning agricultural waste and prevent forest fires. Signboards for promotion of fire prevention attitude and actions were placed throughout the region in popular recreational areas warning of the risk of fire, explaining correct measures to be taken if a fire is detected.

Over 400 teachers and students in Syunik and Yerevan participated in the seminars on forest biodiversity protection and fire prevention.

A Manual on forest pest monitoring and pest outbreak early warning was developed and foresters were correspondingly trained. 

Who Finances it?

Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

$ 900,000.00

Government (in-kind)

$ 1,900,000.00


Delivery in previous fiscal year

December 31,2009

$ 55,038.00

December 31,2010

$ 339,428.00

December 31,2011

$ 351,712.00

December 31, 2012

$ 96,246.00

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