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Armenia went through a phase of policy reforms in youth sector over the last years. However, most of the analytical capacity that has underpinned the reforms and supported policy development and implementation was external - donor-supported research, little or no quantitative data available for formulation of public policy.

While the understanding of the need for change in policy formulation format is present, the capacity to undertake this task continues to be low. Meanwhile, youth is not engaged in the production of a knowledge base focusing on issues of importance for their future.

Main – and limited - areas of government support in youth sector include employment and housing areas, with little or no attention to due engagement of the youth in policy formulation process. The data obtained through UNDP projects, including the National Survey on Social Cohesion, confirm that youth groups in Armenia do have the capacity and interest to participate in decision making. This resource, however, still remains idle.

UNDP assistance is focused on:

  • Supporting the establishment of the Youth Studies Center;

  • Promoting evidence-based approach to research, policy formulation and implementation;
  • Engaging youth in research and analysis and empowering them to contribute to policy formulation and implementation.

Some results so far

In 2011-2012, the second Armenian National Youth Report initiated by RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and Youth Aspirations Survey conducted by UNDP in collaboration with the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and National Youth Policy Council by the RA Prime were released to the public.

Armenia’s Public Policy Strategy on Youth (2013-2017) was adopted in December 2012 outlining the Government’s priority actions aimed at the solution of the problems in the youth sector.

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