Support to the Electoral Process in Armenia (SEPA)

What we do

VAD testingVoter Authentication Device in action (Test in Operational Environment, Feb 12, 2017 Local Council Elections in Semyonovka, Gegharqunik region)

The UNDP designed the “Support to the Electoral Process in Armenia (SEPA)” project in response to the Government of Armenia request for technical assistance for the implementation of the newly introduced electronic voter authentication process at the polling stations in Armenia.

The 15-month project will deliver effective assistance to support the Armenian stakeholders in improving the electoral process in line with the government’s commitment to organize credible and inclusive elections.  To this end, the project will procure voter authentication devices and other IT equipment for implementation of the newly introduced provisions in the Electoral Code ahead of the 2017 Parliamentary Elections.

The project will also support the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) with the training of data entry clerks who will operate the devices at the polling stations and will provide support for the implementation of the voter education campaign with reference to the voter authentication process.  Finally, the project is designed to support the CEC with post-election lessons learned activities.

The intervention strategy of the electoral support project is part of the framework of UNDP’s global objective to support inclusive participatory democratic governance through the establishment of democratically elected institutions.

Some results so far

SEPA_ChinaSEPA expert and Armenian Government representatives inspecting the VAD production process in Shenzhen, China

·SEPA experts supported the CEC in developing a new branding. CEC new logo and Branding Manual were produced. 

·The VAD Test in Operational Environment (TOE) took place on 12 February, 2017 in the communities of Varadanshen and Semyonvoka.  The overall result was positive.

·144 VADs are delivered for the 3-level training for CEC staff starting on 4 March, 2017.

·On 17 February, 2017 SEPA expert and two representatives from the Government of Armenia completed the inspection of the VAD production facilities in Shenzhen, China. The team noted the efficiency of the production line and the thorough quality control mechanisms in place.

·The Central Verification Information System (CVIS) has been successfully tested on 2.5 million entries database. 

Who finances it?


European Union

EUR 3,700,000 (1,700,000 EURO funds from the EU received through the Government of Armenia)


USD 1,000,000


EUR 650,000


GBP 300,000

Government of Armenia

EUR 400,000

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