Rapid regulatory reform of government services (The Guillotine)

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During the Joint Dialogue Forum

Armenia has over 25,000 rules and regulations that are there to promote socio-economic development in the country. Many are sensible and well designed, but many of them have contradictions and inconsistencies that create a heavy administrative burden for citizens and businesses, as well as slow economic growth.

The hidden costs of these contradictions and inconsistencies are high in Armenia and could become even higher without concrete action.  The technical experts who are advising the government on this process and providing the e-guillotine software and review method have recommended based on international practice that Armenia can aim to reduce the cost of doing business by 50 percent, and that effective guillotine reforms can have impact of a 3-4 percent boost in GDP.

Many regulations in Armenia have been upgraded over the years, and there is consensus that many of them meet international best practices.

Yet, un-reviewed and un-modernized regulations impede investment and overall development.

Spearheaded by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Government of Armenia in partnership with many international actors, including the Austrian Development Agency (the main donor), the EU,  the World Bank and the USAID, UNDP is:

  • Supporting the team in specific public outreach and communications components of the project such as strategic planning of communications activities, as well as the project website, social media platforms, public consultations and public service announcements. These activities are intended to inform and engage citizens, including civil society, NGOs and business groups, in the reform process;
  • Conducting a gender based analysis of all the norms reviewed with a view to address issues of equality between women and men;
  • Supporting the development of capacities of the working teams to ensure that knowledge is institutionalized – in all aspects of the project.

Some results so far

A package of recommendations on revisions and cuts of regulations dealing with transport, public utilities and public health sector was submitted to the Government of Armenia for review and consideration.


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Democratic Governance
MDG 8 - Develop a global partnership for development
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