Modernization of Bagratashen, Bavra, Gogavan Border Crossing Points of the Republic of Armenia

What we do

Efficient and effective border management contributes to secure borders and freedom, when citizens can travel freely and trade can flourish - key prerequisites for economic growth and poverty reduction.

At the same time, threats related to abuse of borders, such as smuggling of goods and trafficking in people, drugs and weapons can be better addressed with better coordination between the border management agencies.

UNDP’s role as an implementing partner of the European Union funded project is:

  • Supporting the Government of Armenia in implementation of the selected provisions of the Government Decree #482 on the approval of 2011-2015 Integrated Border Management (IBM) Action Plan;

Some results so far

The Government of Armenia adopted a Border Security and State Border Integrated Border Management Strategy in 2010.

An Action Plan (2011-2015) for the National Integrated Border Management strategy was developed envisaging more than 80 activities covering areas, such as legislation, inter-agency cooperation, training and provision of equipment for border crossing points on the Armenian-Georgian border.

UNDP supported the Government of Armenia to raise EUR 42 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank to start the “Modernization of Bagratashen, Bavra and Gogavan Border Crossing Points” project. 

The international company “Safege” was contracted for supervision of the works in Bagratashen, Bavra and Gogavan BCPs.

Consulting company “Arhis” was contracted for supervision of the works of the engineering networks’ installation and design and supervision of the construction works of the access road to Gogavan BCP.


Who Finances it?

Donor name  
Government of Armenia (loan funding from EIB) 30,316,000 EUR
Government of Armenia (loan funding from NIF) 12,000,000 EUR
UNDP 800,000 EUR

Delivery in previous fiscal year


31 December 2012

 $ 84,496

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