How does UNDP do business

The UNDP in Armenia Procurement Unit aims to providing quality service and effective delivery. UNDP procurement is based on the principles of:

Best Value for Money, which consists of the selection of the offer that best meets the end-users’ needs and that presents the best return on investment. Best Value for Money is the result of several factors, including quality, experience, the vendor’s reputation, life-cycle costs and benefits, and parameters that measure how well the good or service allows the organization to meet its social, environmental or other strategic objectives.

Fairness, Integrity and Transparency, which ensures that competitive processes are fair, open, and rules-based. All potential vendors should be treated equally, and the process should feature clear evaluation criteria, unambiguous solicitation instructions, realistic requirements, and rules and procedures that are easy to understand.

Effective International Competition, understood as giving all potential vendors timely and adequate information on UNDP requirements, as well as equal opportunity to participate in procurement actions, and restricting them only when it is absolutely necessary to achieve UNDP development goals.

In the best interest of UNDP, which means that any business transactions must conform to the mandates and principles of UNDP and the United Nations.

In order to provide a faster procurement process and delivery of goods and/or services, UNDP observes the local and international market, negotiates and maintains local Long Term Agreements (LTA) for goods and services that are frequently used by Business Units and development partners.


List of contract awards over $100,000

Project Vendor Name Country of Origin Amount of Contract, US$
MBBG AREMPA International UAE 5,497,500
BSIBM AREMPA International UAE 1,877,700
MBBG CHANAPARH LLC Armenia 3,821,692
MBBG IU Networks LLC Armenia 146,140
MBBG KVN TRADE LLC China 112,129
Green Urban Lighting Comelec S.A Belgium 312,703
MBBG UCom LLC Armenia 106,341
Support to Agricultural Cencus Teghanq LLC Armenia 104,168
Fruitful Armenia Foundation Erknacer LLC Armenia 117,034
Ozone Layer Protection Transfair BmbH Germany 434,665
MBBG ARHIS LTD Latvia 155,557
MBBG SADE CGTH SA France 38,299,710
MBBG "Artashati" ETSSH Armenia 138,332
MBBG UCOM LLC Armenia 752,759