Our Funding and Delivery

Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

UNDP in Armenia forms partnerships with a wide range of donors and development partners, including international NGOs, bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as the private sector.

UNDP’s core resources, which constitute approximately one tenth of our annual delivery – are used as seed funding to kick start programmes, demonstrate initial results and to help attract additional funding from our donors.

Development Contribution by Donor for Armenia

Fiscal yearDonorTotal Contribution
2011GOVERNMENT OF DENMARK$1,219,732.67
2011EUROPEAN UNION$2,068,688.38
2011Armenia Government$346,547.83
2012EUROPEAN UNION$3,079,122.49
2012Armenia Government$696,674.43
2012EUROPEAN COMMISSION$1,722,584.28
2012Fruitful Armenia$204,000.00

Programme Delivery for Armenia

Programme Delivery 2011 Programme Delivery 2012
$8,347,558.82 $6,806,991.96

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