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  • Jun 7, 2013

    The following manual has been designed in the context of developing the system of local self-governance to support the processes of budgeting, strategic planning in the field, ensuring of participation, assessment of cost-effectiveness of community budgeted costs and the verification and application of accountability and addressability components in the community budget which will be used to draft and implement community budgets and to evaluate these budgets according to the performance budgeting methodology.

  • Jun 12, 2013

    The Income Generating Model is developed for Vocational Education and Training Institutions (VETIs) and is intended to serve as a practical tool to enable the VETIs to become self-sustainable by generating extra budgetary income derived from commercially oriented educational services. It proposes various schemes and approaches perfectly matching existing set-up of Armenian educational system as well as highlighting best practices of European VET system. The publication is the first attempt to explicitly showcase income generating mechanisms for the VETIs in Armenian Language. Development and publication of the IG Model has been fully supported by the UNDP VET Project.

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